Sunday, November 17, 2013

Front Porch Update

     Compared to our pace back in the summer, things have slowed down a bit here as of late. It's been more than a month since our last post and about three months since the last porch update. Over the last couple of weekends, Steven and our neighbor Craig added the subfascia, fascia, and drip edge around the porch. Yesterday, we shingled the whole thing! Our previous shingling projects have been pretty small, but Steven bought an inexpensive nail gun to speed up this job since we had about a thousand square feet to cover.

This was the scene when we got started yesterday. Obviously the tar paper was beginning to break down since it had been exposed to the elements for a couple months - we added a new layer of paper over this for extra protection.

Craig finishing off the hip ridge on the "ruff," as he calls it ;)

By the time the hip ridges were covered and the last of the flashing was nailed in place, it was dark. This project became night crawlers with headlamps on the roof just like last time, haha!

It has been quite the drizzley and dreary day today, but here is a look of the finished roofing job. Pre-bent step flashing was used between the shingles and exterior wall to go up the left and right sides, while two lengths of roof edge flashing spanned the center portion.

Odd find of the day: I pulled a large marble out of this hole near one of the second-story windows! I'm sure this happened via slingshot, but I really hope it was long before we bought the house.

     As far as the yard goes this fall, I gave the crapemyrtle a much needed pruning and have been picking up lots of pecans!

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