Saturday, December 29, 2012

So long and farewell, Old Kitchen

May we never meet again!!

Steven and I are both very grateful for some time away from work for the holidays. We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Asheville with his parents for Christmas, then we got straight to work on the house on the 26th. Earlier this week, we met with the contractor who will be doing the exterior work (framing the exterior wall in the future dining room, plus windows and siding for the whole house). Also, our window supplier came to take measurements for all the windows. We should be getting the estimates for all of this by the middle of next week, then we will begin the process of obtaining a loan.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Steps and a Tantrum

     Some light demo and clean up/out has been happening over the last couple of weeks to get ready for today's excitement in the future kitchen. A non-functioning air conditioning unit and gas heater were removed from the wall between the kitchen and garage, which uncovered a whole bunch of burned insulation around the heater (SCARY!). Steven has cleaned out the fuse box and removed every fuse along with its wiring that was no longer serving a purpose. He even found some live wiring that wasn't connected to anything (again, SCARY!). How this house never caught fire is beyond me...