Monday, August 12, 2013

Up On The [Front Porch] Roof

     Whew, I am feeling the burn after yesterday, but it certainly was a productive day for the front porch. In our last porch update, all the beadboard sheathing was in place and looking awesome. Since the beadboard is one inch thick, the roofing nails would have popped through if we placed the underlayment and shingles directly on the beadboard. To keep the roofing nails from showing through, we laid half-inch plywood over the beadboard and screwed it through to the rafters. 

Half-inch plywood going down over the beadboard.

Heights are NOT my thing, but I got used to being up on the roof after a couple of hours :)

     After all the plywood was screwed down, we added some self-adhesive membrane protection:  Protecto Wrap nine-inch wide tape and Grace Ice and Water Shield roofing underlayment. 

     The Grace underlayment wasn't as sticky as we expected it to be. It was tacky, but plenty of staples were needed to hold it in place. The ProtectoWrap tape will stick to anything, especially itself... got to be careful with that. We applied the tape along the line where the front porch roof meets the house exterior and also along the hips of the roof.

     Here it is, all water-proofed up... This project became more like "Night Crawlers Up On The Roof"! We had to get out our head lamps for that last bit of taping.

     Will post another shot of the underlayment with better lighting later!
     Shingles will be coming up next on the front porch! Also, our electricians and carpenters are visiting around the middle/end of the week - exciting times :)

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