Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Exterior Wall Is UP!

      Whoop whoop and yay!! The exterior wall enclosing the old porch for the new dining room is framed and sheathed. Steven and I are thrilled with how much quicker this weekend's project went compared to the last time we tackled an exterior wall - remember this? I suspect the air nailer has something to do with the reduced time and frustration :)

We got a smidge of a start on this last weekend... pretty much just the sill sealer, termite shield, and mudsill.

Yesterday the rim joist was added.

It was pretty cool to see that the sheathing on the original roof was beadboard!

Steven putting in the king studs for the French door.

I couldn't resist the doggie shot! Ginny looks so noble. The pups have loved being able to stay outside all day long while we're working - I'm not sure if the humans or the dogs are more tired after a day like today!

Studs and header are good to go. Can't you just see the French doors opening into the dining room? I can't wait!!

Our neighbor stopped by just in time to give us an extra hand when we needed it - thanks Craig :)

Nailing up the sheathing! It was my first go with the nail gun, and I liked it ALOT.

We went ahead and covered over everything, including the door opening. This allows us to remove the interior wall without having a huge opening on the outside of the house.

We're still doing a double take every time we walk by this tunnel, haha! The original exterior is on the left, and our new wall is on the right. So excited for these extra few feet of space for the dining room!

Also, I just have to say that something amazing happened while I was working outside on Friday. For the first time since last year, I actually felt WARM. I was able to go from my usual five layers down to two, and I can't even tell y'all how happy this makes me. Come on spring, I'm ready!!

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