Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painted Kitchen and Princess Pup

     Early last week our drywall guys finished up all the mudding and sanding in the kitchen/dining area and gave us the all clear for painting! The installer recommended at least priming the bare drywall, even if we weren't ready to paint right away. (I actually could NOT wait to paint!) He told us that priming adds a layer of protection from scratches and dings. He added that priming should be followed by two coats of paint since we're working with new drywall.
     Special thanks goes out to Sherwin-Williams for having impeccable timing with their "4-Day Super Sale" over this weekend. We got 40% off paint and 30% off supplies, which really helped us out since we needed three gallons of primer, five gallons of paint, plus rollers, brushes, etc. Steven took the advice of a painting contractor friend of ours (thanks, Greg!) and got Purdy brushes and sheepskin roller covers. We went with Sherwin-Williams's Harmony line for primer and paint. This is their zero VOC (volatile organic compound) product, and the formula contributes to improved indoor air quality. Sherwin Williams also claims that the product is durable enough for repeated washing and has odor-eliminating and mildew-resistant properties.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Real, live walls!!

     We spent a nice little bit of this weekend staring at the wall, but I doubt you could blame us! The job of hanging the drywall in the kitchen was hired out to the guys who have been doing a good bit of our carpentry work as of late. This father/son team started in drywall and later branched out to carpentry - they've done a wonderful job with everything! There is some finishing up to do on this early in the week, but what you see below is where they left off on Friday:

View toward future dining area. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Update

     It has been a very good and productive weekend here! We checked off repairing a leaky spot in the roof, insulating the attic over the kitchen/dining area, and painting the front door :)

     This spot has been a problem area since we bought the house. (Note: When I say "problem area," I don't mean constant leak issues. It was usually just when we had a REALLY heavy downpour.) Soon after we got going with the remodel, some reframing had to be done inside when we found a rotten support beam; more on that here. Based on the rotten framing we found then, it seemed like a bad connection between the rear addition roof (right side above) and the porch roof (left side above) was to blame.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shut the Front Door!

     There hasn't been much to report in the last couple of weeks, but something very exciting happened Wednesday! There was a mix-up with our front door order, and the wrong door was delivered last month. After re-ordering the door and waiting a couple weeks, we were very happy to see that everything was perfect when the door was delivered. Our carpenters came to reframe the opening and install the door on Wednesday too!
     In my excitement over the new door, I forgot to take photos of the old door, haha. You probably didn't even notice our old door in any of the exterior photos from the porch roof redo; it was that mundane. It had a hollow core and a narrow window running top to bottom. Think cardboard on hinges. Also, it was 32" wide, which could be an issue when it's appliance/furniture time.