Monday, August 13, 2012

It's OK to Laugh

     So, I'm going to have to take back what I said last time about us "getting back into a groove of steady work." Steven will be getting to work, of course, but I will pretty much be limited to taking photos and posting updates here for the next six weeks while a fracture in my foot heals. The incident happened at work last Thursday. I have a pretty great job that often allows me to work outside. Our crew has hiked miles through the woods and crossed plenty of logs over creeks, all while carrying a shovel and screen and being under a heat advisory. In my 3+ years of doing this, I've only had the occasional back pain, poison ivy/oak/sumac rash, and a couple instances of (minor) overheating... oh, and the tick fever that one time. Anyway, if I was going to break a bone, I was hoping it would have happened in a situation like this:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Then and Now

     Whew, it has been too long, hasn't it? I think Ginny's been a bad influence on us ;) We have officially been in our house for over a year now. I wouldn't say we have accomplished everything I hoped we would by this point, but I am impressed with what Steven and I have tackled all by ourselves.
     Just wanted to update you all with what's been going on, and I've REALLY been wanting to write a post to share some Merrimack Mill Village history. Over the last year, I've learned quite a bit about the Village from so many who have lived here for all or most of their lives (being the community newsletter editor is a great excuse to be nosy). Also, just a couple weeks ago, I finally met Dee Sellers Gentry who grew up in our house!