Monday, September 15, 2014

Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

     We have looked through countless photos in our quest for Craftsman style with modern amenities, and I wanted to share two of my favorites for backsplash inspiration. What did people do before Houzz and Pinterest?! It seems like much of the tile used for Craftsman-style installations has that handmade look with just a smidge of inconsistency in shape and glaze, which adds so much character. That's what I'm picturing in our kitchen :)

     In the comments from this photo (above), Ms. Sammons says that the tile was made by Motawi Tileworks. Check out their online catalog - it's gorgeous! I love the layout of this backsplash because it features tiles in multiple sizes along with some accent relief tiles. Click on the image to see the entire project gallery on Houzz.

     This photo has already inspired our kitchen's cabinet finish and countertop, so it seems like a no-brainer to stick to this beautifully designed scheme for the backsplash! The glass tile accent has really grown on me since the first time I saw this image, and something similar would tie in well with our dining room fixture. What do you think? Again, click on the image to see the entire project gallery on Houzz.

Currently pondering over these tile samples in our kitchen...

     We recently went back to visit Marion at Ceramic Harmony here in Huntsville. They did a perfect job of fabricating and installing our countertops, so we want to give them our business again when we're ready to buy tile for the backsplash. I'm feeling quite set on these samples (above), but the layout is still undecided. We're planning to DIY the backsplash and it will be our first tile project, so I don't want to overcomplicate things. I mean, we never overcomplicate things around here, right? ;)
     For your viewing pleasure, the sample tiles are arranged so you can see how they look with the cabinet finish, flooring, and countertop. The glass tile is by Lunada Bay Tile, and the pattern is a Sumi-e custom blend with colors Zushi and Honey. If we include the glass, it will likely be a single row above the bottom row of field tile. The ceramic field tile is by Pratt & Larson, and the finish is one of their Craftsman Matte glazes in the color C330.

     Thanks for reading and please check back later in the week. A VERY exciting delivery arrived this morning, hopefully we'll be makin' bacon by the weekend!

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