Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Update

     It has been a very good and productive weekend here! We checked off repairing a leaky spot in the roof, insulating the attic over the kitchen/dining area, and painting the front door :)

     This spot has been a problem area since we bought the house. (Note: When I say "problem area," I don't mean constant leak issues. It was usually just when we had a REALLY heavy downpour.) Soon after we got going with the remodel, some reframing had to be done inside when we found a rotten support beam; more on that here. Based on the rotten framing we found then, it seemed like a bad connection between the rear addition roof (right side above) and the porch roof (left side above) was to blame.

     Replacing the sheathing and adding some weatherproofing was necessary in this corner, and it needed to happen before we shingle the porch roof. Steven and our neighbor Craig (thanks again!) cut out all the water-damaged/disintegrating sheathing and replaced it with pressure-treated lumber. Next, they put down some new tar paper, Grace Ice and Water Shield, and Protecto Wrap tape - we're good to go!

     On Friday afternoon, our inspector came out to check on the insulation in the walls. She approved, which means we are cleared for DRYWALL!!! Yesterday, Steven put up the attic insulation over the kitchen and dining span. We used R-30 but will most likely add some blown-in insulation later since this is on the low end of insulation for attics in our area.

     Lastly - the front door!! I am just ecstatic about this happy color :) We went with Sherwin Williams' Resilience exterior acrylic latex in Cheerful (SW 6903). Since I had never painted a door before, I checked to see if This Old House had any tips - they did, of course. The recommended order of events when painting a door goes like this: "paint each individual panel first, taking care to wipe the excess off the rails and stiles. Then paint each rail, followed by each stile. This method will enable you to keep a wet edge and avoid lap marks." 

     Oh, the realities of remodeling, haha! This photo was taken at 11 pm last night... I had been painting with the door laid over a couple saw horses, and the paint was taking longer than the recommended time to dry. The front (outside) had gotten two coats, but the inside still needed one more. Neither of us could bear the thought of staying up another 2+ hours to watch paint dry, so we put the door back on its hinges and just screwed a 2x4 over the corner. Sometimes, you just gotta do what works, haha.

Drywall installation is tentatively set to start on Thursday. We'll keep you posted!


  1. The door looks GREAT!!!! Yay!!! oooo drywall...once drywall goes up, the rest seems to fly by!! awesome job y'all! :)

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I don't think it has fully set in with me that we are actually READY for drywall. It seemed like the day would never come, haha!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work for one problem area on the roof, but I'm glad that everyone toughed it out to get it fixed. It may not have leaked unless there's heavy rain but water had likely seeped through the cracks and caused all that damage. That said, all of you have done a great job on the house. I'm really excited to see it all fixed up.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jere! We can't wait to get going on some kitchen cabinets - hopefully soon :)