Friday, September 6, 2013

Shut the Front Door!

     There hasn't been much to report in the last couple of weeks, but something very exciting happened Wednesday! There was a mix-up with our front door order, and the wrong door was delivered last month. After re-ordering the door and waiting a couple weeks, we were very happy to see that everything was perfect when the door was delivered. Our carpenters came to reframe the opening and install the door on Wednesday too!
     In my excitement over the new door, I forgot to take photos of the old door, haha. You probably didn't even notice our old door in any of the exterior photos from the porch roof redo; it was that mundane. It had a hollow core and a narrow window running top to bottom. Think cardboard on hinges. Also, it was 32" wide, which could be an issue when it's appliance/furniture time. 

     Some reframing was necessary to widen the opening to 36", but the new door is centered between two of the porch posts! We went with the Belleville Craftsman two panel door with dentil shelf from Masonite. The door along with the new handle set is much sturdier (and safer!) than our previous one. Also, Energy Star rated - bonus!

     We asked the carpenters to set the door at the appropriate height so that we could use the ORIGINAL floor, which is not what you see above. This was a crazy decision made over a year ago when we got a tiny glimpse of what the first layer of wood flooring looked like. Since the door was set so low to the current layer of wood flooring, we had to cut some out to be able to fully open the door...

     And there is it - the original flooring!!! Yes, there is some termite damage in the right side of the view above, but we really hope to make this work here in the entry. Steven used a cleaner/degreaser from Krud Kutter on the left side to see how the wood looked under all the grime. We liked what we saw - now if only the rest of the room will be in that condition! We should be picking up paint for the door this weekend. I'm in love with this Decisive Yellow from Sherwin Williams. The name alone gives this indecisive lady confidence in choosing such a bold color :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. YAY for front doors! Love watching your house come together.

    1. Thanks, Julie! It was very exciting to have something that was both cheerful and *finished* happening on the front of the house :)