Sunday, September 15, 2013

Real, live walls!!

     We spent a nice little bit of this weekend staring at the wall, but I doubt you could blame us! The job of hanging the drywall in the kitchen was hired out to the guys who have been doing a good bit of our carpentry work as of late. This father/son team started in drywall and later branched out to carpentry - they've done a wonderful job with everything! There is some finishing up to do on this early in the week, but what you see below is where they left off on Friday:

View toward future dining area. 

View toward future kitchen. 

View from entry into kitchen.

     Steven and I installed a couple of HVAC vents in the floor this afternoon. First-timers here on this project! Other than having to crawl around under the house (thanks, hun!), it was pretty easy. We found these Speedi-Boot vents at our local Home Depot: 

     The packaging promised that install time was significantly less than the install time for a traditional vent boot. This ease of installation is attributed to the nail-in hangers that slide to fit between the floor joists. The Speedi-Boot also has a self-sealing gasket around its point of contact with the subflooring, which increases energy efficiency (each of these vent boots contributes 5.1 LEED credits). 

You can't tell by her expression, but Lily is very excited about all this kitchen progress ;)

     We also ordered flooring for the kitchen last week - more on that when it arrives. Thanks for checking in with us - as always, your encouragement is greatly appreciated!

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