Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painted Kitchen and Princess Pup

     Early last week our drywall guys finished up all the mudding and sanding in the kitchen/dining area and gave us the all clear for painting! The installer recommended at least priming the bare drywall, even if we weren't ready to paint right away. (I actually could NOT wait to paint!) He told us that priming adds a layer of protection from scratches and dings. He added that priming should be followed by two coats of paint since we're working with new drywall.
     Special thanks goes out to Sherwin-Williams for having impeccable timing with their "4-Day Super Sale" over this weekend. We got 40% off paint and 30% off supplies, which really helped us out since we needed three gallons of primer, five gallons of paint, plus rollers, brushes, etc. Steven took the advice of a painting contractor friend of ours (thanks, Greg!) and got Purdy brushes and sheepskin roller covers. We went with Sherwin-Williams's Harmony line for primer and paint. This is their zero VOC (volatile organic compound) product, and the formula contributes to improved indoor air quality. Sherwin Williams also claims that the product is durable enough for repeated washing and has odor-eliminating and mildew-resistant properties.

     On to the fun part: color! Off-white may or may not be thrilling to you, but I'm extremely happy with our color choice, haha. We went with Dover White SW #6385 in an eg-shel (SW's spelling, I promise) finish on the walls and ceiling in the kitchen/dining space.
     Now for the even more fun part: photos!! Taking photos of the finished paint job somehow morphed into a pet photo shoot... you'll see.

Here's the view toward the dining area. This has become Ginny's favorite spot - she loves looking out the window!
And the view toward the kitchen! This looks like some shrine to remodeling, but it's just our work lights and a sheet over the flooring material that was delivered late last week.
     A preview of the flooring material (above): we went with Forbo Marmoleum Click in the color sahara. I'm super excited about using this and will tell you more about it when we're closer to installation time - it's supposedly very DIY friendly! Before we can lay down the kitchen flooring, we need to figure out and prepare the transition from hardwood in the entry to the marmoleum in the kitchen, and the stairs are part of that transition... so it might be awhile.

     When I sat down on the stack of flooring to preview the photos I had taken this afternoon, Lily started barking like she needed something. I tapped the flooring with my hand to let her know she could come up and sit with me. Despite her princess personality type, she is usually pretty uncooperative when the camera comes out. Apparently, she just needed a throne to put her in a photogenic mood, haha!

     Usually I like to get any bad news over with at the beginning of a post, but the paint was too exciting... We have concluded that we will not be able to use the awesome sink with integrated backsplash and double drainboard that we found on Craigslist back in June. So, sooo sad. The height of the backsplash would be in the way of switches/outlets, and lowering the sink would force the dishwasher about two feet to the right. Buying a new sink that isn't so wide seems to be the most practical option. On the bright side, the electricians are coming this week to install circuit breakers, switches, and outlets - and turn on the electricity in the kitchen!

Hope you all have a great week :)


  1. Aww! Lily! That pretty girl just wanted her own glorified photo shoot! : ) I know the excitement of finally having walls and getting to paint them - yay you!! I'm sorry to hear about the sink. Even with the most extensive planning, there is always *something*. May that be your only something.

    1. Our Lil is quite the glamour girl, haha! You're right... if it's not one thing, it's the other. Thanks so much for stopping by :)