Friday, August 16, 2013

Windows and Wiring

     The last couple of days have been a great leap forward with the kitchen! We hired out the job of running all the wiring for the kitchen. Our carpenters also came to install two windows (one in the entry and one in the living room) and a sliding door in the dining area. A new front door would have been installed this week too, but the manufacturer sent the wrong door to our dealer - BIG disappointment :( It will be a couple of weeks before the door arrives. This is what I'm dreaming of... one day:

     Photo from HGTV. I love the contrast of the bright and cheerful door with the darker siding. Our house exterior will remain white for the foreseeable future, but whenever we replace all the vinyl siding with cement fiberboard, I'm picturing a nice blue-gray exterior. However, there is no reason why the front door should not be painted yellow as soon as it is installed!

     On to this week's progress update! The electricians completed our kitchen/dining area wiring rough-in on Wednesday. This included electrical for all lighting, outlets, and appliances. Steven and I are very excited about the kitchen layout. Really, we're just excited about having a kitchen - can't believe it's been almost eight months since we ripped the teeny old kitchen out!

Electrical work in progress - these guys were so fast!

Hooray for electrical boxes!!!

     If we're connected on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen already seen a preview of the living room window. I'm just THRILLED with how that one looks!

     Here's the old window that was removed. It doesn't seem like any windows in our house were the original 1920s windows, and this one certainly would not have been original. I'm thinking that the 4x5 pane window would make for a great wall hanging though!

     Exterior view of the new window! This triple window is not as wide as the previous one, but this allowed us to have the window more centered on the wall of the future living room.

     "Before" shot of the dining area...

... and the "After" - so much lovely light streaming inside now!

     Looks like this weekend will entail attaching the fascia on the front porch, and possibly getting started with insulation in the kitchen if the inspector makes it out to check on the rough-in today.

Thank you for reading and encouraging us along the way - hope you all have a great weekend :)


  1. Your ideas are very promising - from the windows to a yellow front door! It made me curious and excited to see the final look of your house. Anyway, when will your front door arrive?

  2. With a lot of windows around your house, be prepared to enjoy the natural light as it brightens and lifts up the mood in your space! Even if your house's not yet done, I can already imagine how beautiful it will turn out. Was it all your idea - the yellow door, windows, sliding doors, designs, etc.? Or did you find an inspiration for it?