Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FAQ: Have you seen "The Money Pit"?

     I'm taking a cue (Get it? FAQ... haha, sorry) from one of my favorite remodeling bloggers who wrote about a question she gets quite often. Great answer by the way, Brittney! It'll be finished when you say so.
     As soon as Steven and I shared our news about buying a house with the intention of renovating, so many people asked if we had seen "The Money Pit." Actually, people still ask that pretty often. The first time we watched this movie was back when we were apartment dwellers not even considering buying a house. I thought the movie was pretty funny, especially the scene where the bathtub falls through the floor of the second story. 

"The Money Pit" (1986), Amblin Entertainment

     We watched this movie last weekend at our neighborhood's outdoor movie night - fun times! My perspective was quite different now after living through a couple years of remodeling. The parts I had laughed at before (where things went horribly wrong for Walter and Anna) were not quite as funny because I understood how maddening it can be to feel like nothing is going right. On the flip side of that, there were scenes that were funnier because we had been there as well. We definitely danced on the kitchen subfloor as Walter danced on his staircase, and our oven zapped Steven's mom when she was preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. On that same Thanksgiving visit with the in-laws, we gave them a tour of the house, and the power went out on the second story. End of tour!
     Something that struck me after watching "The Money Pit" for a second time was that Walter and Anna didn't have neighbors. This has been such an integral part of our renovation, and I can't imagine what it would be like to not have that support. When we all get together, experiences and advice are shared. As one of our neighbors said on remodeling, "You're either in it, been through it, or about to dive in." Where we live, there is no shame in inviting folks over for a get-together in your construction zone. There's actually a couple here who had a construction-themed wedding in their backyard! Remodeling isn't the most pleasant state to live in. The mess gets to me more than the inconvenience. Highs and lows are a given, but, after two years into this adventure, I remain convinced it'll be worth it. One day.
     Now, if I could just find some construction carnie types that would finish this house in four months, haha!


  1. I missed the meeting last week and The Money Pit! My only excuse is a three day flu that caused me to lay in bed and watch two seasons of Smallville. We are terrible neighbors but I promise to invite y'all over in a week to see our "construction zone"!

    1. Bleh! That sounds horrible. I hope you're feeling much better now! And yes, I'd love to come check out your house and remodeling progress sometime soon :)