Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Steps and a Tantrum

     Some light demo and clean up/out has been happening over the last couple of weeks to get ready for today's excitement in the future kitchen. A non-functioning air conditioning unit and gas heater were removed from the wall between the kitchen and garage, which uncovered a whole bunch of burned insulation around the heater (SCARY!). Steven has cleaned out the fuse box and removed every fuse along with its wiring that was no longer serving a purpose. He even found some live wiring that wasn't connected to anything (again, SCARY!). How this house never caught fire is beyond me...

     By today's excitement, I mean having plumbing and gas lines installed in the future kitchen, yay!!

     I've definitely felt stuck in a rut for the last few months, feeling like we've accomplished nothing. It just seems like we spend our time planning/gathering ideas and not actually getting much done. Steven spent weeks planning out the kitchen plumbing, which we thought we were going to do ourselves. The decision to contract the plumbing was made when I had a bit of a crying meltdown, which was not solely about the plumbing of course. (I'm told it happens to the best of homeowners during a renovation, haha.).
     From the get-go, we had (probably unrealistically) hoped that we could remodel without getting a loan. We would save for particular goals, then do it when the target amount was reached. Since we were going to be living in the house, we thought renovating somewhat room-by-room rather than a whole floor at a time would work. I definitely see the advantages of being able to gut and redo large areas now.
   At least my emotional breakdown was a productive one.... As of now, the plan is to continue with the new kitchen, demo the old one and move an exterior wall out from the dining area, then get a loan to redo the entire exterior (to include cement fiberboard siding and windows).

We were given this floor plan drawing when we bought the house, and, very unfortunately, it doesn't show all the interior walls - so just use your imagination for now! The edits show our future plans.

How are the other remodelers out there able to keep a steady pace of progress? At what point do you say, "This task is too much, I need outside (professional) help"?