Monday, August 13, 2012

It's OK to Laugh

     So, I'm going to have to take back what I said last time about us "getting back into a groove of steady work." Steven will be getting to work, of course, but I will pretty much be limited to taking photos and posting updates here for the next six weeks while a fracture in my foot heals. The incident happened at work last Thursday. I have a pretty great job that often allows me to work outside. Our crew has hiked miles through the woods and crossed plenty of logs over creeks, all while carrying a shovel and screen and being under a heat advisory. In my 3+ years of doing this, I've only had the occasional back pain, poison ivy/oak/sumac rash, and a couple instances of (minor) overheating... oh, and the tick fever that one time. Anyway, if I was going to break a bone, I was hoping it would have happened in a situation like this:

     However, I am not coming away from this injury with any cool story whatsoever. Last Thursday I was working indoors and fell down in my own office. Yep. In. My. Own. Office. While sitting at my desk (with my legs crossed) I did not realize that my foot had fallen asleep. I got up to go out of the room, and my right leg just dropped out from under me when I went to take a step. I continued working for about an hour and drove myself home. It wasn't until Steven was home and had his father, a podiatrist, on the phone that it sounded like it was not as minor as I thought. This was my first broken bone and trip to the ER :(

So proud.
     Despite all of this, Steven did make some progress with insulating the crawl space over the weekend. Like most home projects, this required a new tool. Steven found a used .22 caliber powder-actuated tool at A-Z Pawn here in Huntsville. I don't know if there are other pawn shops in town with such a good selection of tools, but Steven has lucked out several times while looking for tools there.

   The "gun" was used to attach the 1/2" polyisocyanurate insulated sheathing to the concrete block walls of the crawl space. Even though a .22 cal shot is used to drive the fastener into the concrete block, it did not sound like gunfire in the house :)


     Steven attached the insulating foam all around the crawl space below the future kitchen. Now, a layer a plastic just needs to be laid across the crawl space floor. Watch out plumbing, we're on our way!