Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend update

     About half an hour after posting my last write-up, we had a pretty severe thunderstorm that knocked the power out. This storm was so LOUD... the thunder was one thing, but we also got pummeled with limbs and walnuts from the tree that's right beside our bedroom.

Walnut carnage...

Despite being a little overambitious, Lily did her best to help with cleanup. 
Here are all the walnuts that we collected!
     When we got home from work Thursday evening, it was very disappointing to find that the power was STILL off. We took a walk around the neighborhood with Lily to see how widespread the outage was and saw where a huge tree had fallen and took the power lines down with it. Two power poles were also knocked over beside the main road that runs in front of our house, so I'm not surprised that the outage ended up lasting just under 24 hours.
     We decided that we should cook up something from the fridge before it was too far gone. So the first meal that we made in our new house was cooked on a Coleman propane camping stove, haha!

Cooking our first meal of pork chops and brussels sprouts.

     I didn't think that I would ever fall asleep Thursday night since it was so terribly hot in the house. Fortunately, the power came on sometime after we went to bed, and we were both able to get some sleep.
     Steven and I got home this afternoon from a great weekend of visiting family. While we were house hunting, Steven's sister and brother-in-law have been trying to sell. The timing worked out great as they are getting ready to downsize, and we are preparing to up-size. Rachel and Al are having a yard sale prior to moving, and they invited us to come shop before the general public :) We brought home Steven's car with a packed load of all sorts of useful things. Big thanks to you both!

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  1. Of course! I still wish you had taken a photo of all that the Fit holds! Amazing! :)