Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good news and bad

     Seems like most people prefer to hear the bad news first, so here goes... My bike was stolen from our garage earlier this week. Some workers have been here to install the AC upstairs, so we suspect that they left the garage doors open and unattended for just long enough for it to get swiped.
     On the bright side, the AC installation is complete, and we have discovered that our dishwasher does work after all! We had been told by the previous owner and the inspector that it did not work, but it was just a matter of flipping the breaker. Good job, Steven! Now maybe we will get back to cooking and stop eating out all the time ;)

     Steven finished ripping out the particle board flooring in the entry way tonight, and it made a HUGE improvement. There is another layer of hardwood flooring (the original floor) underneath the layer that is now visible, and we are debating on leaving it the way it is now or trying to uncover the original. What do you think?

(This was actually taken during the inspection before we closed on the house.)